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Hello, I'm The Happy Snail.

Illustrator, Artist, Muralist, Designer. 

Cute Doodle Illustrations. Whimsical robots, animals and self portrait.

Sarah Bennett, also known as The Happy Snail is an artist based in South Norfolk. Her style is fun and colourful, often featuring animals and whimsical characters


The main aim of her work is to spread a bit of positivity and joy, but recently her interest in a variety of subjects including science, faith, history and health has led her to create illustrations that explain complex subjects in a fun way.

You can also book her to draw on your shop windows or walls to bring some colour to your homes, businesses and high streets.

Animal Alphabet

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children

A series of illustrations created to help children with OCD.

Editorial Illustrations for
Time Out Magazine

Some illustrations for an article called: '17 Curious Reasons to Visit Norfolk', in Time Out Magazine

The Science of Kindness

Some editorial illustrations for an article for a children's magazine, about the 'Science of Kindness'

Greetings Card Illustrations

Some cute, encouraging greetings card designs