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Sarah Bennett, also known as 'The Happy Snail' is an Illustrator, mural artist, shop window illustrator and surface pattern designer.

In 2016, she had the idea of creating fun and encouraging products that could be sent by post (snail mail) to bring a little cheer to the recipient, hence 'happy snail’. Snail also refers to her being a massive introvert who frequently needs to retreat to her shell to create and recharge.


Since starting her business, she has studied for, and graduated with a distinction, a Master's degree in Illustration.

She aim to use her illustration practice to make positive change in communities. Her work is colourful and fun and is intended to spread a message of hope, joy, faith and love.


She also has a huge passion for illustrating non-fiction topics for children, particularly mental health, science and faith.

Her Christian faith often spills out into her work, as does her silly sense of humour. 


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